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Eric Swanson AKA @slag.heap is currently an architecture student in Los Angeles. Eric is a big thrifter with a keen eye for unusual finds. You can find a lot of his found treasures over on @noihsaf.home

Designer Spotlight: Valencia Shanelle

July 7, 2021 — Interviews

Written by

Meredith MacNicholas profile photoMeredith MacNicholas

Knitwear designer Valencia Shanelle turned the NYC Covid lockdown into an opportunity to cultivate her craft. Since 2015 she has been refining her knitting skills and this winter her colorful take on the classic 1940s balaclava caught our eye. She talked with our New York team member, Meredith MacNicholas, a bit about her process, the culture of knitting, and what she has coming out this summer.

Traveling is important to me, near or far really — it’s about new places to feel. My dog’s name is Beau and he is the sweetest thing I’ve ever known. My zodiac sign is Cancer. I think I’m probably on my 300-somethingth lifetime, maybe more honestly. It’s been a decent one so far. I pray a lot.

Sara Emami is an Iranian-Dutch 36 year old living in Amsterdam. This UX designer is known for her colorful mood boards and visual storytelling. Have a hard time incorporating colors into your wardrobe? Just take a look at Sara’s Instagram and you’ll be instantly inspired!

How This Small Sustainable Brand Extended Their Size Run & Grew Their Business.

May 18, 2021 — Interviews

Written by

 profile photoVirgie Tovar

Illustrations by

 profile photoJordan Barton

Lili and Alex are the pizza-loving friends behind sustainable fashion brand Nettle Studios in San Francisco, California. They recently extended their size run to 4X and their sales grew by a jaw-dropping 300%. In this interview with plus-size fashion enthusiast, Virgie Tovar, they go deep into what the process has been like and how the transition landed them on Vogue​.com this year.

Meet Kianosh Michelle Moezam! A Brooklyn based creative who is big on tailoring, discovering new colorways, and might have the largest Baggu collection ever. She may also have just come up with the most brilliant perfume commercial ever.

Meet Designer Sarah Nsikak of La Réunion

April 27, 2021 — Interviews

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Lydia Okello profile photoLydia Okello

What’s old is new again; La Réunion is a labour of love. The project is helmed by self-described daughter of immigrants, lover of vintage, and aspiring storyteller” Sarah Nsikak, a 29 year old textile artist & designer working in Brooklyn, NY. has a chat with model and writer Lydia Okello about how her past is shaping her future in the fashion world.

Community member Katie Chapman can be found backcountry skiing by day and wearing floor length sequin gowns by night. This community member shares how she balances mountain life with her 2 pups and boyfriend in Victor, Idaho.