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If you didn’t have questions, we’d be worried.


I don’t live in the USA, can I still sell and buy?

Yes, but you will need to be clear with the buyer and seller where you are shipping/buying from, and include all necessary information in your post or comments. All transactions must be in USD.

Please note: tracking and insurance may not be included in international shipping. Seller's may indicate US shipping only if that is their preference.

Is using the "gifting" PayPal option OK?

No, please use the PayPal's "paying for an item or service" option. Please note sending money via the "gift" or "friends and family" option is illegal and does not offer any protection to the buyer if something goes amiss.

Can I use Venmo?

No. All transactions must be paid via PayPal's "paying for an item or service" option. Buying and selling using Venmo is discouraged as it does NOT include insurance which PayPal offers.

Why did you deny my item but I see similar items accepted?

We understand that can be frustrating, but please remember we are limited with the number of items we can post and base our decisions on a few factors: who made it, how many are in the feed already, price, image and item quality.

I make some things, can I sell them?

That’s awesome! However, we do not list items made from individuals selling their own wares. We prefer you keep that to ETSY. If you are an established small shop or designer, we do love a good collaboration so contact us at [email protected]

Someone left their zip code and is not following through on their purchase or has ghosted me!?

UGH! We hate that too. We have a “no ghosting policy”. This means you should not leave your zip code if you don’t intend on following through with the purchase. If you get ghosted or the runaround, please DM us the listing link via Instagram and let us know.

I listed an item and I can’t tell who is the first zip code. Can you help?

Yes! Please DM us the listing link via Instagram and we can look on our end. Due to the Instagram algorithm, comments often show up in random order. Most of the time, we are able to decipher who the first comment is and are happy to help where we can!


How can I re-list my item?

Items will only be re-listed if they have showed a lot of interest and only after one WEEK from the original post. Items chosen to be re-listed will only be re-listed ONCE MORE that season and need to have the original asking price reduced. New pictures are highly encouraged. To re-list an item you will need to create a new submission and submit the item again with the updated pricing. It will have to go back through the curation process. You will be notified by email if it was accepted for re-listing.

When do I send the fee?

Please send fees via PayPal to [email protected]. Fees must be sent as soon as your item is paid for by the buyer. After the fee is submitted through PayPal, please comment on your Instagram listing that your item is "sold and fee is paid."

What if I bought something and it's damaged/ wrong item/ doesn't fit the original description?

This is why you do not "gift" or use "friends and family" through Paypal. The nice thing about PayPal is that it offers buyers and sellers protection when you invoice items through their "goods and services" option. If you end up with something that's just not right or don't end up with anything at all you can file a complaint through PayPal and get your money back. We encourage users to attempt to come to a resolution on their own prior to filing a claim via PayPal.

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Do you have a brick and mortar shop?

Nope. We are only virtual and live on the web.

Do you have an app?

We currently don’t have an app but you can use this website on your mobile device! We are currently focusing our efforts on the most accessible platform, the web. Though, we do dream about having apps for both iPhone and Android one day.

Cats or dogs?

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