How-to Shipping an item

First, congrats on your sale! Now let's get this thing shipped. Please ship your item within 3 days of receiving payment and send tracking information to the buyer ASAP. You can also enter the tracking number through PayPal which the buyer can see on their end.

Please pack your items with TLC (RIP Left Eye). Items that are extra vulnerable like glass should be wrapped with extra protection and boxed. If you can, reuse boxes, bubble wrap, and tissue that you have laying around. Include a little note! Everyone loves a note.

We recommend shipping through the United State Postal Service (they really need us right now!). You can setup a "click-n-ship" account on their website if you want to ship from the comfort of your home. Otherwise, wear a mask and head to your local post office.

*Items shipping International may not have a tracking number or insurance available.