Code of Conduct

Be respectful and kind:

Thoughts and opinions may vary, but please be considerate in your interactions with fellow community members. We like to give people the benefit of the doubt first. Please don’t jump to unfounded conclusions; be respectful and kind!

Be an honest and timely seller:

Listing on Noihsaf is free, but we expect you to be transparent and forthcoming about the item you are selling. When creating a listing, please be honest and fair in describing your item and disclose as much information as possible under the “ item condition”. No detail is too small. Take time to be thorough and accurate about details such as the condition, fit, and original price. Be sure to include photos that demonstrate condition when necessary. This way, buyers know exactly what it is that they are getting and the risk of a dispute is decreased. Please ship your item within 3 days and send the tracking information to the buyer as soon as you have it.

We understand that honest mistakes happen, but cancelled transactions create confusion and disappointment for your buyers. We expect that our community will be respectful of each other and fulfill their transactions. Please monitor your shop and archive items that are no longer for sale.

Be a responsive buyer:

Please make sure you shipping address is correct when purchasing an item. If something goes awry with your item please contact the seller immediately and try to resolve the issue yourself. If you cannot come to a resolution feel free to contact us for mediation!

Noihsaf is not a place to:

  • Promote your own work
  • Move transactions off the platform
  • Solicit donations
  • Harass or bully other users
  • Sell counterfeit items
  • Create multiple accounts
  • Use images without permission
  • Leave snarky comments
  • Sell used beauty products or worn undergarments
  • Sell fast fashion

Account Suspension:

Users who are repeatedly reported will have their accounts suspended.