How-to Selling on Noihsaf Bazaar

Our resale site is different than most because we curate every single item that comes in. That means we hand select every submission that comes our way! We get thousands of submissions a day and base our curation on a multitude of factors. Some of these include: what is already in the queue, brand, condition, material, and what sells. Noihsaf's focus is on independent and emerging designers. We do not accept fast fashion or luxury brands. Our niche is on the speciality brands you find at a boutique or a small designer that values sustainability and ethical practices when creating a garment.

Have something special to sell? See how to get your items listed below:

To become a seller on Noihsaf Bazaar, you must have an Instagram and a PayPal account and follow the simple steps below:

  1. Register and setup your Noihsaf Bazaar account here.
  2. Prepare your items. All items should be cleaned, pressed and inspected for any damage or flaws.
  3. Photograph your items. (View our photo tips guide.)
  4. Submit your items.
  5. After our curators review your item, you will receive an email notification once your item is posted to Instagram (you will also be tagged via Instagram). If your item is declined by our curators, you will be updated via email.

Please note, we ask that items listed on our pages not be listed elsewhere for 7 days.

How to process your sale

The winner

The item is "won" by the first person to tag you and comment with their zip code on the Instagram listing (these two things need to be done in the same comment).

If the buyer leaves a zip code and tags the seller, but has a question on the said item, the question will be honored and the seller must respond in a timely manner. The buyer then must reply to the seller within a timely manner or the seller has the right to move on to backups.

Payment via Paypal

Communicate with the buyer via DM (direct message) to obtain their PayPal email address.

Payments should be collected via Paypal Invoicing or PayPal's "paying for an item or service" option. A PayPal fee will be incurred by you (the seller), please keep this in mind when pricing your items. Please DO NOT use the "sending to a friend" option, as no protections are provided with this option.

Buyers should pay their invoices within 3 hours (please take time zone differences and overnights into consideration). If they do not pay within 3 hours, the seller can move onto any interested back-up buyers.


Ship your item. Items should be shipped within 3 days of receiving payment. Once shipped, please send tracking information to the buyer. Please note: tracking information may not be available on international shipments.

Paying your fees

Items listed over $50 the fee is $5

Items listed $50 or below the fee is $3.80

Pay the selling fees via PayPal's "paying for an item or service" option to [email protected]

Comment "Sold & Fee Paid" on the Instagram listing

Visit your Noihsaf Bazaar seller dashboard, find the item, and "Mark as sold & fees paid".