Onea Engel-Bradley is an artist and designer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her most recent project is her ready-to-wear line Silphium, a clothing and accessories brand that emphasizes re-worked, vintage materials, natural and hand dyed fabrics, as well as bespoke made-to-order garments.

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In 2021, we brought you a handy dandy guide to a plethora of BIPOC designers. But that was a millennia ago! In issue 2, we’re shouting out another crop of fashion talent from across cultures; whether you want to spend a lot or a little; if you’re going out or chilling out. Special shout out to In Todo, whose curated craft fair supports BIPOC-owned indie brands and inspired many of the selections on this list.

Get to know Mark Smith Clarke of Brooklyn based archie. We talk about the new SS24 collection, finding inspiration on the subways of New York, and how Mark turned an interest in pattern making and a love of clothing into one of the most thoughtful clothing labels around.

It’s easy to get drawn into Erica Weiner’s work, the pieces she designs and sources are incredibly beautiful and clever. But it’s the storytelling and wit that will drop you down a rabbit hole that we can’t recommend enough. We talked with her about her latest inspirations, got some excellent jewelry advice and picked out some favorites from her Noihsaf shop.

With years of experience under her arm, artist Alyson Fox ventures into something new; setting up shop on the Oregon coast and a creating a new knitwear line, Brrr!

Conor MacCormack’s Philadelphia showroom merges his skills as a visual artist and painter with his interest in fashion. We spoke with him about his approach to personal styling and what’s coming up next for Clothing to Wear.

Carter Cooper knows that growth and change are constant in life; this is a key principle he applies to his creative endeavor Gone Limited. Gone (an acronym which stands for Growing Off Negative Energy”) is a core value of the brand. To Cooper, it’s all about taking what you are given in life (good or bad), and learning from it. We take a look at this Leadville, CO-based project and Carter’s process of reworking used clothes into new, refreshed takes…an approach that seamlessly ties into taking what you are dealt and making the best of it.

Noihsaf will be popping up this Thursday, August 24th at beloved Duluth, MN boutique Hemlocks! We caught up with Candace to learn more about how she got started with shoe making and leather work and how her wonderful shop came to be.