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Carter Cooper knows that growth and change are constant in life; this is a key principle he applies to his creative endeavor Gone Limited. Gone (an acronym which stands for Growing Off Negative Energy”) is a core value of the brand. To Cooper, it’s all about taking what you are given in life (good or bad), and learning from it. We take a look at this Leadville, CO-based project and Carter’s process of reworking used clothes into new, refreshed takes…an approach that seamlessly ties into taking what you are dealt and making the best of it.

Candace LaCosse of Hemlocks

August 20, 2023

Noihsaf will be popping up this Thursday, August 24th at beloved Duluth, MN boutique Hemlocks! We caught up with Candace to learn more about how she got started with shoe making and leather work and how her wonderful shop came to be.

Meet Heather Cormack, the model-turned-holistic health coach who gracefully juggles her days between Recital, a chic boutique in Denver, CO (@shoprecital), and being a devoted mom to her adorable almost 4‑year-old daughter, Georgia, whom she raises with her musician husband.

It’s here! Longtime Noihsaf community member Jenny Xie releases her first novel, Holding Pattern, and shares her thoughts on the intimacy of clothing. (What doesn’t our amazing community do!?)

Meet Alex Zhang, a medical student and the seller behind Noihsaf shop and Instagram account Andysfits!

In honor of Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month this may, we teamed up with our friends at Mother Tongue Magazine to remind ourselves, in t‑shirt form, what we know to be true: In order to caretake, we must also take care of ourselves, and our communities.