February 2024

  • Sellers can now optionally set their Location Visibility to either City and State, State Only, or none. Note that items with Local Pickup as an option will still show your City and State (since folks need to know where the Local Pickup would be).

December 2023

  • Sellers can now put your shops in Vacation Mode and we’ll disable all of your active items. When you are ready to return, just disable Vacation Mode and we’ll re-enable your active items. You’ll still be able to shop, create draft submissions, and manage existing orders while Vacation Mode is enabled.
  • Sellers can now re-list items that were fully refunded from the associated order page.

March 2023

September 2022

  • We have a new size field to help standardize size inputs and power the upcoming size filters. We currently have THOUSANDS of unique "Size" values – this will hopefully whittle that down and should only require custom input when you submit items from brands with unique sizing.
  • We now feature four random sellers on the homepage each day. To show up there you just need a minimum of four active items and a profile photo.
  • We added a seasonal Halloween category. It'll be live until October 20th.

June 2022

  • We added a little feature to allow Independent Brands to add promos to orders that contain items from their brand. One of our missions is to help promote these brands and this is yet another way we're doing that. Are you a brand that wants to reward folks who are participating in the circular economy? Reach out to us to learn more!

May 2022

  • You can now see the followers of any seller to find folks with a similar style. Note that this is limited to followers with shops.
  • We moved over to a new newsletter platform and are gearing up to start sending that out regularly.
  • We've started to build out tools to help folks cancel their accounts. For now just email us and we'll help you through it. In the near future this will be something that is self-serve and anyone will able to do at any time (if they don't have any active orders) – we don't like when companies don't provide any easy way to close your account.

April 2022

  • You can now filter most product feeds by "Pickup in NY" where NY is the state you selected in your profile.
  • You can now filter Seller and Brand indexes by alphabet letters — which helps you quickly find someone (or some brand) if you know what their username (or brand name) starts with.

February 2022

  • You can now search for Sellers and Brands using the main search field in the header (on mobile, it's in the primary mobile navigation).
  • You can now filter by "Relisted" in most product feeds.
  • Sellers can now relist items that have expired.
  • We now LIVE (but still in beta)! You can browse items without having to register for an account.
  • Shipping status can now be viewed on orders (eta's and transit info).
  • Tracking number entry is now easier (we automatically detect the carrier).
  • Confirmed: Minnesotan's say "duck duck grey duck". Not "duck duck goose"

January 2022

  • Extended upcoming expired listing an additional 60 days.
  • Sellers can now share their shop URL and have their friends & followers directed to sign up rather than a 404 error page.
  • Buyers now have simpler sign-up flow so they can get to shopping more quickly.
  • Accessories are now appearing in the women's feed.
  • Main navigation categories (womens / vintage / home / etc) now reflect their corresponding Instagram feeds. For example, "Vintage" no longer includes vintage home goods (those will be in the "home" category). This will create less overlap in filters. If you still want to see everything coming in you can select "all".
  • You can now filter by "recently sold" in most product grids.