Now accepting Halloween costumes and accessories for kids and ex-kids.


Photo tips

Photographing your items properly will not only help attract buyers, but will also relay the care you have taken of that item. Follow this simple guide to get the most out of your photos.

  1. Make sure your item is clean, lint free, and wrinkle free. HOT TIP: buy a handheld steamer for less than $20 and you’ll wonder how you lived without one.
  2. Please hang or fold your items against a white, grey or solid color background.
  3. Photograph your item in the daytime. USE NATURAL LIGHT. This will best depict the true colors of your item. DO NOT use your flash.
  4. Include a few images of your item to show the items in its entirety. Front, back, side, tags, and any defects, stains, or pulls.
  5. A photo of the tag is required for vintage clothing submissions.
  6. All images must be your own. We do not list stock images.