February 9, 2022 — News

We're so glad many of you are enjoying the new platform to buy and sell your clothes, knick-knacks, and what-nots. Our site is now live which means we you can browse Noihsaf without having to register. However, we are still in the beta stage and will continue to fix bugs, collect community feedback, and add new functions. We appreciate your support and patience during this time. Noihsaf will be turning 9 years old next week so we have lots to celebrate! Check out the latest updates below.

To our Canadian friends:
We’ve been working hard over the last six weeks to get Canadian selling and buying buttoned up. However, after some back and forth with tax and legal folks, we’ve come to realize that getting fully set-up for Canadian selling and buying will take a bit more time. As a small company we financially are not able to get international customers set up yet. I am confident that we will get to a place where this will become feasible, but in order for that to happen we need to get our current platform in the US setup and working efficiently so we can pursue these goals. We’re going to continue that work — but in the meantime we sadly have to disable both buying and selling for folks in Canada. We will be sure to keep you in the loop as we make progress and get to a place where we can allow for international sales again.

We're a small, scrappy team trying our best to build a platform worthy of this community — we’re so excited to build this with you all and can’t wait to see what the future holds! Xxx Kate and the team

We will be updating the log below so you can see what bugs we have fixed along with newly added features! Thanks for helping us work through issues. We appreciate all the feedback and love seeing all the new items coming in.


January 12th:

  • Sellers can now share their shop URL and have their friends & followers directed to sign up rather than a 404 error page.
  • Buyers now have simpler sign-up flow so they can get to shopping more quickly.
  • Accessories are now appearing in the women's feed.
  • Main navigation categories (womens / vintage / home / etc) now reflect their corresponding Instagram feeds. For example, "Vintage" no longer includes vintage home goods (those will be in the "home" category). This will create less overlap in filters. If you still want to see everything coming in you can select "all".
  • You can now filter by "recently sold" in each main category.

January 28th:

  • Extended upcoming expired listing an additional 60 days.
  • Canada update (above)

February 9th:

  • We now LIVE (but still in beta)! You can browse items without having to register for an account.
  • Shipping status can now be viewed on orders (eta's and transit info).
  • Tracking number entry is now easier (we automatically detect the carrier).
  • FAQ updated
  • Confirmed: Minnesotan's say "duck duck grey duck". Not "duck duck goose".

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