Featured Shop: Taiana Giefer

September 12, 2023
A woman laughing leaning forwards wearing a grey jumpsuit with ruffled straps

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you based? How do you spend your days?

I am a Felter based in Santa Barbara, CA. I spend my days making hand made, hand felted wooly wall tapestries. They are like creatures of the sea + forest. I live in the mountains and spend a lot of time hiking the trails, dipping in fresh water creeks and having dinner with friends!

a woman from the waist down wearing white pants and clogs holding chunky maroon yarn in her hands in front of a tree
a woman's arm in motion in front of a grey wooly wall tapestry

How did you hear about Noihsaf Bazaar / when did you become a part of the community?

I found Noihsaf on Instagram around 4 years ago and was a fast obsessed customer turned seller.

I first got into resale during Covid when we were all out of work and I decided to start Neighbor Neighbor, a second hand resale account on Instagram where I curated loved but no longer wanted pieces from my friends closets. I got a selfie remote and took fun photos modeling the clothes before putting them up for sale. My main motivation was to raise money for The Organic Soup Kitchen, a Santa Barbara nonprofit very close to my heart that provides incredible organic and nutrient soups to small income cancer and chronic illness patients.

The owners of the clothes agreed to donate 1/3 of the clothing sale to the organization. It has been a super fun project that I still keep going, a lot of what I sell on Noihsaf are Neighbor Neighbor items, which continue to raise funds! I often do big local pop ups with racks of Neighbor Neighbor scores where you can really find something for everyone. I love to diversify my rack so it’s a fun surprise for almost anyone who browses and I keep the prices fair and slightly below the going resale rate for flow!

What is your favorite Noihsaf score?

Ohhh that’s a hard one. Probably a handmade denim vest with about 45 pockets. Whoever made it hand wrote their name and email inside in perfect cursive, its very charming!

a woman in a denim vest and white pants adjusts some wooly wall tapestries

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m a little all over the place. I love a good sack! I really like comfort and elastic, stretchy things. If it’s fitted it has to be stretchy or a knit. I gravitate towards natural fibers and earth tones but love deep rich colors. I’ll go for the occasional print but it has to be just right. I would say a little bohemian beach, and I make a huge effort to find things second hand and support slow fashion with an emphasis on texture and quality.

A woman spinning in a white dress with ruffled straps in front of a plaster wall
a white dress with puffy sleeves hanging in front of a shelf full of plants and books

Natural fibers mid spin and in the Mara Hoffman Leonora dress available in Taiana's shop

What trend are you currently loving? What trends would you like to see?

More slow fashion and second hand! Longer pants for tall ladies!