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June 8, 2022 — Interviews

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Cathy takes a mirror selfie wearing a blue checkered skirt and peach button down blouse

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you based? How do you spend your days?

I'm Cathy, a data scientist currently living in Berkeley, California. I’m mostly a homebody that loves spending time in my yard with my dog Zelda or watching true crime documentaries and horror movies. I also love going on hikes and getting beers at local breweries!

A brown jacket from Story mfg. for sale in Cathy's shop
A pair of mustard color mules from the designer Zou Xou

Items for sale in Cathy's shop: Embroidered Forager Jacket from Story.mfg and Zou Xou mules.

How did you hear about Noihsaf Bazaar / when did you become a part of the community?

I don't remember exactly how I discovered Noihsaf Bazaar, but it was definitely through Instagram. It’s been a few years now, and I've loved every moment of being in this community

What is your favorite Noihsaf score?

This is a difficult one! In recent times though, most definitely this silk blend Beklina set. I've haven't styled it together yet though because I spilled coffee on the pants within 10 minutes of putting them on

A selfie of Cathy wearing a checkered hat inspired by lampchop
A stuffed cat toy with a checkered hat on

Lampchop outfit inspo!

How would you describe your personal style? Do you have any style inspirations that you return to?

My style is all over the place, but I'm a big fan of color and prints. I’m constantly inspired by the people I follow on Instagram, by finds and features on Noihsaf, and my surroundings. The above outfit was actually inspired by my friend's dressed-up lampchop toy!

Do you have any designers/brands that you’re especially into these days?

Paloma Wool and Ganni! I always love their designs. I've been getting more into vintage lately too.

What trend are you currently loving, or what trend would you like to see?

I love that dopamine dressing has been a thing lately!

A wide yellow brimmed sun hat by Selva Negra
A yellow sundress with spaghetti straps from the brand Wray

A Selva Negra Toni hat and Wray dress for sale in Cathy's shop antinakedclub

What’s your favorite part about being a member of the Noihsaf community?

Definitely the people! I love seeing everyone's curated shops, and I've discovered some amazing brands from this community.

Favorite song to play when getting dressed?

Anything from Years & Years. They have such bops!

A photo of Cathy wearing a brown jumpsuit and fanny pack strung across their chest
A selfie of Cathy wearing colorful patchwork pants, white tee and purple suede clogs.

Cathy from the shop antinakedclub

THANK YOU, Cathy! Please check out her Noihsaf Shop antinakedclub!

Noihsaf staff writer! Based in Madison, Wisconsin.