Who are you? Tell us a bit about yourself!

Howdy!...Where do I begin. First of all, I am a girl from a moderately rural town who currently lives in the not so rural city of Los Angeles. I have many passions and interests, most of which lie on a spectrum between micro-molecular medicine and clothing design, but I also have a deep romanticism towards writing and sometimes dabble in that for an incredible non-toxic nail care company (Bare Hands). I’ve battled picking one love over the other as a career choice for a very long time since they’ve always felt like such opposing interests, but I have found solace in the fact that all these things require my intuition and creativity, while also fulfilling my love for research and problem solving! I’m a nerd at heart though, and you can find me sewing a coat together from scraps while simultaneously researching the effects of zinc on cytokine production, or the correlation between elevated copper levels, estrogen dominance, infertility, and cancer.

Who is someone’s style you emulate?

I love Laila Gohar with her buoyant yet sophisticated combinations, and look to her when I want to play up my daily utilitarian “uniform”. If I really think about it though, I notice I try to emulate strong androgynous protagonists such as Katherine Hepburn, or even my own great grandmother (pictured below).

Black and white photograph of couple in the snow. Man in a baseball hat is holding woman with her arms out. Pine trees are in the background.
Headshot of a woman with dark hair and big earrings in a Harley Davidson leather jacket.

What determines your style? Where do you find inspiration?

I feel like normally my style is a toss up between Katherine Switzer running the Boston Marathon, and if Sonic Youth were a singular entity who married a humble french farm girl from the 60’s. I love finding inspiration in my natural environment though, and enjoy wearing things that enable me to enjoy it fully, this generally means more earth tones, tailored shapes, wardrobe staples that mirror organic inspired architecture, denim, wool, classic silhouettes, double stitching, etc.Things that tell me they will last, whether in style or in quality.

I usually end up buying vintage/second hand (Amen to Noihsaf!) or making a lot of the clothes that I wear, mostly because the standard I have for fit and quality are higher than what I can normally afford, plus I LOVE the challenge of figuring out how to make on my own what fits me best ~ When we aren’t distracted with the fit of our clothes we are met with more opportunity to be present in our day, thus allowing space for the interactions in our lives to become much more intimate and fulfilling, and I am a huge fan of any garment that can support me in my humanness the most.

Person stands in bedroom wearing an all white outfit with black shoes.
Person stands on small breakfast table with a white cloth over it. Person has arms outstretched and is wearing all white with black boots. Window is nearby.

I definitely have to say though, Mother Nature is one hell of an influencer, and each year I’m constantly in awe at all the little orange baubles I see hanging from her trees, or the golden cobbs scattered amidst her fields. I think working in aesthetic harmony with these environments rather than against them has always felt the most chic and therapeutic, so I try to reflect that in my stylistic preferences. In a perfect world I’d probably be the happiest wearing nothing but a Milena Silvano coat paired with immaculately crafted Jil Sander slides, all whilst picnicking with my lover out in the summer wheat fields of my childhood hometown.

Alex stands on a round table draped in white linens. She is wearing wearing a white cotton spaghetti strap gown.
Person cradles a lemon in front of their body. Person is wearing a silk head scarf and white pants and is looking down. White clothes are hanging up nearby.

(Left to right: precariously trying to model a muslin dress I made | Taking a break from modeling button up’s to snap a few shots of my lemons (ha-ha).

But truly, I do find myself gravitating towards natural fibers and “adornments”, in fact a permanent fashion statement I would LOVE to see take off on a global scale is folks accessorizing with seasonal produce like they would the latest jewelry trend. I also daydream of the day when I walk into a market and see everyone using their designer handbags as a way to carry their turnip greens, french baguettes, butter beans... or even just a resurgence of exchanging citrus fruits amongst romantic interests as a fashionable gesture of love and care…

A person wearing a big sunhat is in dark pants, white socks, black loafers, and a beige blazer while dangling a piece of citrus from their left hand.
A person wearing a big sunhat is in dark pants, white socks, black loafers, and a beige blazer while dangling a piece of citrus from their left hand.

(Above: Alexzandria wears navy Jil Sander slacks, vintage wool Escada Sport, sport coat, Aviv cropped athletic socks, patent leather Capezio tap shoes, silk Cartier Neck Scarf, vintage hand woven sun hat, and the half fossilized lemon found in her bowl of produce adorning the wrist similar to that of a handbag or statement “cuff”)

(Alexzandria’s creative partner and kind friend, Jack Von Sternberg, modeling a most precious ear of corn accessorizing their suit in attendance of a pre-Covid party last year)

...Actually, the gifting of citrus was quite common during the late middle ages; Folks during this time knew how rare citrus was to get a hold of, and that it also prevented scurvy, so in reality when we gave our loves an orange it meant we deeply cared about their health, while simultaneously communicating that we held status. HOW HOT IS THAT???

What designers are you loving these days?

Jil Sander, Bode, Milena Silvano, Cawley Studio, Giu Giu, and I always love the unique drop of intimates that Marieyat has to offer.

What is your favorite Noihsaf score?

I’m new to the Noihsaf club!! I’ve only scored once so far, and it was this fantastic tiger print bikini by Mara Hoffman.

Person walks in the desert in a pair of white shorts and tiger print Mara Hoffman bikini top. Long shadows are cast on the ground as the person walks.

{{SCENARIO}} Picture this: You’ve collaborated with the glorious one and only, Prince. The single you two have worked on premieres live in front of 10,000 people on the first night of his European tour. The song begins; you are lowered down from the ceiling in a clear box. Prince awaits onstage below. You two are about to belt it out. What are you wearing, head to toe?

WHAT A DREAM! Hmm… Probably a fantasy collaboration between Simone Rocha and Fiorucci : Black feathered cape, white silk blouse with billowing sleeves, mandarin collar, and plunging neckline, black leather pants in a boot legged silhouette tailored to hit at the ankle, the look finished off with some kind of chunky heeled boots accented with large metal hardware.

A model walks down the runway wearing a Simone Rocha gown
A vintage Fiorucci ad featuring two models with their backs facing the camera. They are topless with leather black pants on.

What is playing on the stereo as you dress yourself?

Lately it’s been this!