Featured Shop: Mirakosha

February 28, 2023
A long haired brunette woman holding a cup with her back to camera looking at a wall full of abstract paintings near a small paper floor lamp

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you based? How do you spend your days?

I'm a full-time visual designer + art director and part-time painter based in Seattle. Painting is my main focus and passion right now, it feels like I’m turning a corner in my practice and I’m excited about what’s next. I also recently started collecting and selling vintage clothing. It’s ultimately going to be a way for me to explore my interest in fashion, styling, creative direction, and photography. My vision for the identity is roughly a combination of Older Brother and Lauren Manoogian. I spend almost all of my time in a creative headspace and flow. A good day for me is a productive one and it’s important for it to be fulfilling, expressive work. That’s how I feel most connected to myself. Photography, dancing to dub/deep house, and going for walks to see organic colors, textures and details as inspiration are other daily routines.

The shadow of a open hand on a canvas with neutral toned color variations
an abstract painting in muted browns leaning against another canvas on a concrete floor

How did you hear about Noihsaf Bazaar / when did you become a part of the community?

Back in '19 through the gram somehow. It quickly became the main place I shopped and only place I sold.

A rack of vintage clothing in muted neutrals in front of a midcentury modern chair and a wall of painted canvas

What is your favorite Noihsaf score?

I recently bought a pair of fuzzy black Kordal sweater pants and I call them raccoon pants. Knit pants are my jam.

How would you describe your personal style? Do you have any style inspirations that you return to?

Neutral, simple, timeless, androgynous, utilitarian, comfortable, interchangeable. My main source of style inspiration is vintage workwear. Most of the new clothes I buy from designers are based on classics.

a brunette long haired woman in overalls carries a large canvas in front of a wall of abstract art
a close up of worn, patched and paint spattered denim jeans

Do you have any designers/brands that you’re especially into these days?

I mostly rotate between James Street Co (my #1 for sure), Shaina Mote, Jesse Kamm, Atelier Delphine, Lauren Manoogian, Imogene + Willie, and vintage.

The torso of a woman wearing a loose beige v neck sweater and white pants
a long haired brunette woman wearing a oversized white sweater and green cargo pants takes a selfie in a mirror in a light filled room

A slouchy V neck available in Sarah's shop & a cargo pant and sweater combo in the studio.

What trend are you currently loving, or what trend would you like to see?

I’m honestly not much of a trend follower despite being plugged in to specific areas of fashion. Two styles I’m enjoying right now that I feel are ‘on trend’ are super baggy cargos and a classic v neck sweater.

A brunette woman in a pony tail poses in front of an abstract canvas wearing a two piece brown quilted outfit with her hands on hips
the torso of a woman wearing a quilted army green liner jacket over a sweater

Sarah in a two piece quilted look & a vintage military liner available in her shop.

Favorite song to play when getting dressed?

I can’t pick just one. Top played right now: Dubbing Into Darkness by Eddie C, Same Old Place by Genius Of Time, Miles Away by Linkwood, and Bring The Sun by Frank & Tony