Noihsaf Newsletter – November 2023


The holidays love to swoop in right when you’ve landed yourself on Broke-ass Mountain. I wish I could take credit for this crass terminology, but my 68 year old father started using this phrase during my college years when my brother and I would find ourselves needing some help with rent or ran out of money halfway through an ill advised road trip. “You’re back on Broke-ass Mountain”, my dad would say thinking he was so clever, mixing pop-culture with our dire situation. 

As a business owner, I don’t take a steady paycheck. Like most founders, I pay myself as little as possible, putting most purchases on a credit card waiting for January to come around in which I will (so far) have enough to pay it off. This is not a complaint, but the standard unglamorous truth of starting a company. This reality becomes more apparent by the end of year just as the holidays roll in. By November I usually find myself on Broke-ass mountain. This is a slight drag since the holidays are around the corner and my budget has shrunk significantly. 

Despite the deeply sickening contagion that is known as holiday gift giving, I love buying presents. In honor of small budgets with good taste, I’ve kept the Broke-ass Mountain Gift Guide to items under $30 and from places you should support year around. Without further ado:

HORS D’OEUVRES like Oysters and sardines.

Future Entomologist.

Eyes Ex-Voto.

Cabinet cool

For the gamer

A good wedge. 

Not a frog

Bring forth life.

Soapy Set.

Fur feet.

Silk tiger ears


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A Visit with Artist Alyson Fox
Written by Sarah Zimmerman

Written by Moses Naughton-Garrison

New + Noteworthy

🧣 Chatting about winter dressing and sharing some of my favorite Noihsaf finds over on Coveteur!

📏 Did you know you can create multiple size profiles? One for the whole fam or changing body perhaps? Filtering by profiles allows you to quickly toggle between different sizes while browsing items.

💲 As a small company with a limited marketing budget, I try as much possible to use our ad dollars to support those we admire. I am happy to announce that you can see our latest ad in the new issue of Mother Tongue Magazine and Mildew!

📺 Latest NBTV episode: Fashion Debunked! Lowe and Kellen prove that you “definitely pull it off!”.

From The Feed

🪩 PARTY ATTIRE SZN.  (Don’t forget the shoes!)

⛓️ Feeling the pull of heavier bracelets

🦺 Textured (non-knit) vests over a long sleeve is my go-to lately. This one is very Totême-esq

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💡 The cure for boob lights?

🏍️ Need to take a break from the soul crushing news? Queue up this podcast and prepare for your mouth to hurt from laughing so much. I suggest you start with earlier episodes to acclimate to the unhinged inside humor that rolls out.

🪑 Sad I can no longer indulge in pint size furniture, but happy to shove this into the faces of all my friends with young kiddos. I mean, I still might buy some knobs.

📻 One of my favorite musicians ever released a new album. This song has been on repeat.

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