Noihsaf Newsletter – January 2024


Sporting my new hat for an airport bathroom selfie. Thanks Emily!

Here we are! The first newsletter of 2024! Doesn't it feel like NYE was a billion years ago?

After a snowless Christmas, it's finally starting to feel like winter around here. As I write this, cotton ball-like snow is falling, and the horizon on Lake Superior is nonexistent. My winter wear is now a necessity, and various wools are in rotation (including my new hat that a friend knitted for me!). The winter wardrobe lends itself to complexity as you balance practicality and fashion. Recent purchases included investing in some everyday boots that can handle snow and a knit two-piece ensemble that can be layered depending on the activity. 


Minnesota winters pull you into living rooms, cozy bars, and corner booths. Not only is each outing an opportunity to combat the 4 pm sunset; it’s a great excuse to get dressed up. What you put on may ignite a future conversation. A compliment may lead you to sharing your favorite place to shop or a covetable piece you inherited from your late grandmother. Other times, it can bring camaraderie and create a magnetic effect of pulling people into your orbit who share similar tastes. I remember bringing my daughter to her first day of kindergarten, both of us feeling anxious with the newness of it all. From the parking lot, I spotted another mom wearing a similar ALL KNITWEAR hat that I also happened to be sporting. It immediately sparked a conversation and eased the tension of the unknown. It’s amazing to me that such a simple thing—a knit hat—can be the catalyst for a future friendship.


As we embrace the winter wonderland that has finally descended upon us, our wardrobes become more than just a shield against the cold; they are storytellers, conversation starters, and if you’re lucky - a connector of friendship. 


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From The Blog

BIPOC Designer Guide Issue 2
Written by Nana K. Twumasi

Mark Smith Clark of Archie
Written by Moses Naughton-Garrison

New + Noteworthy

🆕 OK KINO, Mandkhai, Anntian, meals, and Ottolinger are now added to our brand guide!

📈 We have almost 7k sellers in California and only 12 in North Dakota. Where’s my Bismark girlies at?! Massachusetts landed in 6th place for number of sellers for 2023 which snuck up on me. Do we need an event in Boston?!

🥳 Save the date Minnesotans! We will be heading over at Hemlocks to celebrate their 10 year anniversary on February 10th. You will be able to shop our secondhand rack along with some sweet swag.

❄️ We are a proud sponsor of The Great Northern! If you’re in the Minneapolis / St.Paul area go check out their Climate Solution Series. This one is right up your alley. 


From The Feed

🌬️ I can attest these little humidifiers are nice to have during these long winters. I keep mine on my nightstand so my face doesn’t dry up like a human jerky.

⭐ For those looking to wear daily wrist jewels, I have been told not once but THRICE that Ursa Major bangles are the best (which explains why they sell so fast here!). Here is a gorgeous vintage version I’ve been eyeing.

👞 Still waiting for my size to make an appearance in our vintage prada section. Someone please get these dreamy green sport sneakers.

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🌼 Love these whimsical beaded earrings from new to me Pemeko.  

🛁 Got stains? Need a wardrobe refresh? You can mail in your items to the Suay community dye bath. Colors rotate each month and are priced per item.

❤️ Director Justine Triet and her silk blouse and trouser set was the chicest look at the boring Golden Globes.

🤬 A Fiona Apple playlist ranked in order of rage. 

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