Noihsaf Newsletter – April 2023

Formative Fashion Memories 

Rudy’s infamous light up fish sweatshirt

There are certain memories burned into my brain that played formative roles in my personal style and sense of self. All of these memories challenged my way of thinking about objects and/or gave me the confidence to develop my own personal style. Lately, watching my daughter discover her own style had me laying in bed tallying up some of these memories. 

A few include:

Watching the music video Runaway by Janet Jackson and desperately needing a nose ring. This would later change to a tiny diamond stud once I saw the music video Ghetto Supastar featuring Mýa.

Being in middle school and seeing a 12th grader use a Chinese to-go carton as her purse.

Watching my older sister cut out all her Guess triangle butt patches and sew them on her jean jacket.

Waiting for my brother at a Cost Cutters while watching a woman with shoulder length hair get a short side-spike.

Attending a family friend's high school graduation and seeing someone wear a chain metal vest over their graduation gown. 

The Cosby Show episode titled Rudy’s Walk On the Wild Side. Rudy wants a sweater with fish that lights up that is on sale at the mall, but she doesn't have enough money to buy it and becomes so desperate that she steals $2.30 from the money Clair left out for the dry cleaning. 

Begging my dad to dye my hair red so I could be just like Tabitha Soren.

As an adult I still encounter moments like these, but they don’t embed in my brain as easily. I now flag them on Instagram, take countless screenshots, and if I am really “slowing down,” creasing the corner of a magazine. My brain lets them go easier because it seems to know they are now stored elsewhere. It’s these early memories that continue to live on and revisit me more often. 

Last night in the kitchen, I asked my daughter if she had any of these memories yet. She responded, “I have one so far. I was leaving the jump park and a woman came in wearing really big white snow boots that said ‘moon boots’ on the sides. I can’t stop thinking about them.”

So here’s to fashion core memories and hopefully creating them for others!

Thanks for being here,

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New + Noteworthy

💼 Noihsaf is getting their political pants back on. We joined the Coalition for 1099-k Fairness! In short, we want to combat the new tax-reporting requirements that disproportionately impact casual sellers (many of whom are people of color and/or experiencing economic hardship) who now will be required to receive a 1099-K. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out their site and their Take Action page as congress wants to hear from these sellers more than companies. We are working hard on the legislation level to get the $600 threshold changed. More to come!

💸 We are beta testing our new Instant Payouts feature. If you see it on your balance page, feel free to try it! This new feature will allow sellers the ability to transfer your balance faster (30 minutes VS. the usual 2-3 days) for a small fee. This was requested by many sellers and should be available soon to those who have a debit card connected to your Stripe account.

👵 We loved getting all your feedback (via Instagram stories) about boosting older items. There is a lot to unpack there! We collected all your lovely insights and are strategizing the best way to showcase older items and items that have been reduced in price. Once we have some firm directions I will share this with our community for input. In the meantime, please note you can now filter by size, recently re-listed, and recently sold items. As always, thank you for helping us build these features. Your input is 100% essential.

From The Feed

💃 This bag and shop are inspiring me to dress up again. Oh - and this number (the back is as gorgeous as the front)!

👟 Bensimon shoes to me are like if the Y2k bumper toe sneakers had a baby with 2012 bloggers. I’m not mad about it! Especially love these slips.

🛏️ There really is a pillow for every head here. Personally a fan of the round ones (uno, dos, tres).

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💛 My new favorite podcast (which isn’t so new) is Articles of Interest. Host, Avery Trufelman, investigates our collectively held beliefs about fashion.  She looks into everything from where trends originate, to our fascination with the “Clueless Closet”. I especially loved the 7 part series she made for the show titled “American Ivy” where she deep dives into prep culture.

🐝 This 2016 essay from The New Yorker entitled Love The Fig blew my mind and gave me new appreciation for the fruit (and wasps).

👓 You may know Alex from her role in High Maintenance, hilarious Instagram, or as a Rachel Comey model. She is releasing a memoir next month that I cannot wait to get my hands on! New Yorkers: she will be on a book tour at the Rachel Comey store with Parker Posy (!!) May 2nd!

👯 Rudy Jude, Polka Dot Club, Misha & Puff, and Ginny Sims are having an event in Minneapolis May 6th! It’s free and open to the public, but you can also get tickets to shop earlier. 

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