Noihsaf Newsletter – February 2024


NB shells made by Helen age 11 on a weird beach in Florida

Hello from Florida!

This week, I am visiting my sister in St.Petersburg/Gulfport Beach, which is by far one of the weirdest places I have ever visited. My first impression is that it’s a mixed bag of retired power lesbians and thirty-somethings making street art while on mushrooms. The beach is beautiful, and there is a Salvador Dalí museum (largest collection of work?!) that I'm hitting up tomorrow. You surprised me, Florida!


Packing for this trip got me thinking about the heroes of our wardrobe. With a decent amount of traveling under my belt, there are things I know will end up in my suitcase. I could dedicate a whole newsletter to travel heroes, but for the sake of broadness, I thought, why not share my hero items of 2023? I purchased a handful of things last year that have woven their way into my weekly rotation.


Let’s start with the hardest part of a wardrobe. For me, this would be jeans. I have always been a fan of Rachel Comey, but 2023 became the year I realized the majority of my jeans are from her. I have a dark and light pair of her Elkin Pant that are worn frequently. The adjustable back strap allows you to wear them higher or lower on the waist, becoming a very versatile staple. You can also find them popping up on Noihsaf from time to time and she has two bi-annual online sales.


The other pant hero that made its way into circulation has been from the obscure “hippy-dippy” line Bella Waera. Her wide leg harem pants are so good I went on to purchase a second pair. The weight of the linen/cotton blend is nice and heavy, and the price point is beyond reasonable. 


I upgraded my winter coat to this wool gem by 7115 by SZEKI. I cannot tell you how many boxes this checks off. It’s oversized enough to fit over sweaters, extremely warm, and makes you look chic AF. I am not seeing it on their site anymore, but they have similar options. In general, they know how to make a damn good coat.


Lastly, for clothes, this vintage denim button-down has been one of the most worn tops since I purchased it a year ago. Very 90s Gap, and the vintage denim works buttoned up for preppy vibes or as an easy throw-on over a tee or dress if you want to channel Leleina from Reality Bites.


As far as non-wardrobe heroes go, KU washi paper is my favorite incense. You don’t need to worry about overdoing it as each leaf emits the perfect amount. I love the geranium scent. Tiny things can be heroes too. 


Last year I wrote about my love for Monastery Made while it still felt like a secret, and now I see it’s making the rounds on socials and substacks. I still vouch for their attar balm and rose cleansing oil. Great stuff!


Would love to know some of your heroes! Drop me a line and let me know what life-altering purchases you made last year that you're still reaching for. Don’t underestimate the power of a hero, my loves, because when..


A hero comes along

With the strength to carry on

And you cast your fears aside

And you know you can survive

-Mariah Carey


Thanks for being here,



From The Blog

New + Noteworthy

🛒 HEADS UP SEATTLE! We are coming your way next month.
The Fold is hosting an event at The Cloud Room and we will be setting up a few racks to shop from and hope to meet some of you in person! Save the date for March 21st. More to come!

📍 Don’t forget about your local pickup option. Sellers can now optionally set their “Location Visibility” to either city and state, state only, or none.

🌴 Sellers can now put your shops in Vacation Mode which will disable all of your active items. When you are ready to return, just disable Vacation Mode and we’ll re-enable your active items. You’ll still be able to shop, create draft submissions, and manage existing orders while Vacation Mode is enabled.

📺 We added a new series to our NBTV titled “Noihsaf Does”. These episodes will show you the latest runway and street style inspiration and pull together items off Noihsaf to create similar looks! Recent videos cover Copenhagen Fashion Week, Jacquemus Spring runway, and Louis Vuitton Fall 2024 Menswear

From The Feed

🧥 Jackets that can also be dresses (because why not?)

🚹 Shopping the men’s section.

🤎 I’ve been leaning heavily into browns lately. I want to layer this skirt with a jumbo knit or slick trench and dive back into 2011. 

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🐟 We all know tin fish is having a moment, but I’m starting to see these aquatic, gill-bearing, animals entering the accessories zone. First a couple months ago via our spotlight on Alex Zhang and her BODE bag (second slide), and now Coach, JW Anderson, Loewe, and most recently Staud all have offerings. Staud has both a small clutch and a checkered tote which scale (no pun intended) I prefer. 

🧷 Between seeing Leandra Medine Cohen dazzling up her lapel or Erin Wylie’s latest vibey pin post, I am now spending countless hours on ebay looking for the perfect modernist brooch. This Antonini one missed my Noihsaf cart by mere minutes. 

⭐ If you like reading through cool recommendations or sharing your own, Perfectly Imperfect recently launched a community based app just for that! 

💿 Through said app above, I was recommended the Instagram account @GAPPLAYLISTS where former Gap employee, Michael Bise compiles Gap’s in-store playlists from 1992-2006 and posts them on his blog and Spotify. I recommend May 2004 and October 1993

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