Noihsaf Newsletter – March 2024


The most stylish shoppers in all the PNW

Greetings from the not-so-springy March and post-Seattle adventure! Apologies for the newsletter hiatus last week. Turns out, juggling weekend city trips with midweek flights to Seattle doesn't align with punctuality. 

A few moons ago, my pal Amanda, the mastermind behind The Fold, floated the idea of a Noihsaf pop-up in Cap Hill for a little cocktail and shopping soirée. I thought, why not? It sounded like a fun and nice way to dip our toes into real-world events. Little did I know, I'd stumble upon a time capsule of 2013 Noihsaf users.

TEARS! I held back tears as many of you introduced yourselves through your IG handles (the world we live in), and listened to your stories of how many of you made friendships, got through COVID, and discovered your personal style through our feed's early days. It was a true testament to what Noihsaf is, and I was happy to hear many of you are loving the direction it is going.

My only regret is not booking a longer stay! One full day to eat, shop, and visit friends was, well, kinda pathetic. Below is my shortlist of where I slept, ate, shopped, and bought.

First and foremost, I wouldn’t have landed in Seattle if it weren’t for the generous invite of The Fold and Thompson Seattle. We arrived during their abnormally warm sunny stretch of spring, and The Thompson pulled through with the most amazing views! I could have just laid in bed and watched that Ferris wheel all day.


Our mornings kicked off with a stroll through Pike's Market, indulging in a hodgepodge of non-breakfast delights—matcha rice balls, samosas, fish cakes, and chocolate pasta. For a proper sit-down meal, Le Caviste stole the show, especially with the reunion of not one but two internet pals: Molly and Leanne.

Many of you might know Molly Wizenberg from her blog or many NYT selling books, but I met Molly through our mutual perils of postpartum depression and a site called blogger. And Leanne? An OG Noihsaf seller from way back. Fun fact: Our first face-to-face rendezvous was during the Women's March in Washington, where she graciously offered her guest room.  

Other notable consumptions took place at otherworld, Oddfellows, Big Mario’s Pizza, and Conversation which had the best Manhattan after a long day.


Last and most importantly: SHOPPING. I wish I could tell you I went to all your recs, but there wasn’t simply enough time in the day. However, I did manage to go broke after raiding the Ateliers (pour one out for Toto) sale section where I picked up a silk Lemaire shirt (discounted more in person, I swear!), spending a good chunk of time picking out the perfect ear situation at Faris, swinging in Slow Dance Vintage, and having the most meaningful time at Les Amis, where I made friends for life and also came home with a cute Proche Studio set and Henrik Vibskov dress.


Next time I will be sure to stop by Glasswing, Creature Consignment, Shop Hoste, Thistle & Poppy, fruitsuper, and shop HALITE. Lucky for me, many of these shop owners swung into the event so I can personally attest to their amazingness. 

These real in-person events are quite the amount of work, but after seeing many of your faces, it lit a little fire in me to do more. I think living in a place where the majority of the Noihsaf community isn’t residing made me forget the real connection and fabric that’s been woven together over the last 11 years. I am honestly still processing it and I haven’t found the perfect way of articulating the magic of it all… If you know, holler. In the meantime, buckle up Minneapolis and NYC!


Thanks for being here,


From The Blog

New + Noteworthy

🚲 In case you missed it! We finally got our ROMP x Noihsaf bags up on the site. They go from bike to party in a jiffy.

🎧 Hey all Normal Gossip fans. We had the honor of dressing Alex Sujong Laughlin for her latest tour. Check out her Instagram for how she styled her Noihsaf pics.

📽️ Noihsaf does Oscar winning Anatomy of Fall and Ayo Edeberi for Vogue.

🆕 We added a few more independent designs to our growing brand page. Welcome BOTTER (hello bodysuit), Inès Bressand , White Space, and Roxanne Assoulin.

From The Feed

💙 Here for all the laminated ala Ikea bag looking materials.

🥊 This skirt is channeling heavy weight vibes in the best way.

🍊 Give me all the orange. Head to toe.

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🌹 The latest fashion shows didn’t really do much for me, but I did get stopped in my tracks by Jun Takahashi’s brand Undercover. Slide after slide had me wanting to see more which is a rarity these days. I also found it notable, he was inspired by Wim Wenders film Perfect Days. A movie about a Tokyo toilet cleaner who finds beauty in simplicity. Rounding out the experience, Wenders wrote and read a poem during the runway show entitled “Watching a Working Woman”.

🤼‍♀️ So random, but is anyone intrigued by girls wrestling? Maybe it’s because my dad was a collegiate wrestler, but I find it absolutely thrilling to see this sport growing among girls and feel like there is a major opportunity for some fashion leaning singlets. Which reminds me….

💡 IDEA offers lots of random shopping exploration opportunities and maybe the place for your hard to find friends like these inexplicables and hats

🍃 March has been the month of sweatshirt replacing. All of my Everybody World (RIP) were on their last leg so I bought this RC number after a few THC bevies and the color is just as good as my stoner brain thought it would be. I saw this honey pop up in my instagram stories (thank you Joanna)  and have no regrets. 

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