Noihsaf Newsletter – March 2023

Things I Loved in 2013
(That I Still Love Today) 

2013 with baby Helen and my beloved Karen Walker sunnies next to some kegs of beer because that always makes for a cute backdrop.

Whattup March!? Last month marked a decade since I created the Instagram handle Noihsaf Bazaar and it really got me thinking about what I was into back in 2013 and which of those things are still a prominent presence in my life. May I present to you:


Alyson Fox has remained a constant inspiration in my life. Her collaborations, artwork, and styling all speak for themselves - and let’s not forget about her epic home tour that will live in my brain forever as my dream home.

Karen Walker ‘Number One’ sunglasses were gifted to me as a birthday gift. They were one the first “spendier” things I owned and we spent a good 5 years together before they were stolen after being left in a bathroom stall. I finally replaced them this year, and I must say they still give off a fresh look.

A Year with Rilke has been THE BOOK I will forever cherish. My husband gifted it to me on New Years 2013 and it’s become my modern day devotion of sorts. Under the dust jacket the book is a nice white canvas and one year I watercolored a few and gave them away as gifts. 

My friend Annika Kaplan made this ring for me and it’s the piece of jewelry I wear consistently and am frequently asked about. It has such a nice weight and organic shape to it. 

I’ve gone through countless jars of this lip to cheek cream. It’s the perfect pink!

The most made recipe in our house and ALWAYS a crowd pleaser. 

Proud member since 2013!

And last but not least….wait for it!

Thanks for being here!!

From The Blog

New + Noteworthy

🤑 Congrats sellers! March is showing to have the highest sales on record. A special congrats to Shop Pale Canyon Flea on making 100 sales and seller Kramseth for over 400!

🖐️ Our top five selling brands (in order) are: Babaà, Dōen, Ace & Jig, Rudy Jude, and Jesse Kamm.

🕺 Keep your eyes out for new content on our Men’s channel. We will be sharing more looks and new items more regularly.

🗞️ We are excited to start offering a classified section on the bottom of our monthly newsletter. If you have a shop, clothing brand, or something amazing you want to share with our audience (over 20k and growing quickly!), we will be offering a sliding scale to our community. Classified’s start at $100 for small businesses. Respond to this email for more information!  

From The Feed

👖 S L O W L Y accepting the cargo come back and these options are making a good case.  

🐚 Shells are making more of an appearance lately (ala MNZ goes to Florida vibes) and I am really digging this spring purse along with this bonkers tea pot!

⛓️ In the words of M.I.A.: My chain hits my chest as I'm banging on the dashboard. My chain hits my chest when I’m banging on the radio.

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👯‍♀️ It was International Women’s Day yesterday so may I direct your attention to our every growing brand page of Women Designers!

💻 Congrats to friend and community member Natalie So, who’s story “Aristocrat Inc.”   from The Believer Magazine was nominated for the ASME Awards in the Feature Writing category!

👃 After a recent to trip to Portland’s Frances May, I discovered this new scent and think I have my 2023 go-to perfume checked off.

⛵ Cannot wait for this documentary and love following along on their beyond beautiful Instagram.

🍇 ISO SOS. This is 10000000% me taking advantage of this audience, but if someone finds this dress in a size medium or large come find me. #noihsafwishingwell

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